“Growing up in Charleston I have been in love with this city for as long as I can remember. I hear people call Charleston the quintessential southern city. But I really feel we are more than that. We are a unique city of very eclectic people, I don’t think we fit into a mold. Charleston has gone through so many trials and tribulations, wars, and natural disasters. The city has been rebuilt so many times, but we have never forgotten the history. And really I think that is what has formed Charleston to become one of the top travel destination in the world. Charleston has had to overcome so many devastating events, but her people come together, and built her back up. I want to share those stories with you. I want to share that history, I want to be a part of that history!”

Ashley has followed in the footsteps of her mother, a tour guide in the city of Charleston. She has cultivated her love of Charleston and the rich history here to bring words and dates to life! Let Ashley, a native of Charleston, guide you down alley ways and through courtyards. Join her on an adventure of the peninsula of Charleston, experiencing the history in this great city! Her tours are more than just dates and facts. She has a way of showing you how things came to be! With a vast experience of walking, carriage, van, bus, and ghost tours, Ashley has conducted tours in Charleston for over a decade.


I have been in love with Charleston since I first visited in high school for a family vacation. After college, I relocated to the Holy City to teach 5th and 6th grade. Being a teacher and history nerd, I found my way into becoming a tour guide after meeting Ashley.
Charleston has a history that is not only crucial to our nation’s past, but also is almost too entertaining to be believable! I try to create a focus on my tours to not only include the history and the architecture of the area we tour, but also the endless restaurants, entertainment, and attractions our city has to offer. The charm of our city is seemingly endless, and being able to show case it to those who visit is always enjoyable and rewarding!


” I love taking people on ghost tours in Charleston because you get to meet so many differnt kinds of people, dead and alive. I really enjoy the story of Lavinia Fisher, everyone loves a crazy bride!”

Devon grew up in South Carolina and ever since she was old enough to remember she has been mesmerized by ghost stories. She has lived in Charleston for 6 years and fell in love with the city the moment she arrived. She was born to be a tour guide and her love for her craft shines bright in her artful story telling!


In 2001 I moved to Columbia, SC to attend the University of South Carolina where I studied Marketing and History. Shortly after graduation I would make my way to Charleston, the place I call Home.

Today, I now live on James Island with my wife and son where we own a digital printing business called “The Folly Beach Company.” 2 nights a week I give ghost tours for Chilling Charleston and love it. I look forward to the 2 nights a week I get to head downtown to tell ghost stories to people from all over the world. I wait around all day with anticipation as I get to introduce “fresh blood” to the old souls that haunt Charleston.


“I enjoy introducing people to the History of the great city of Charleston. Its a pleasure to impart some of our haunted History as well!”

Barry hails from Massachusetts and enjoys exploring the “Boston of the South”, with his tour groups. He offers his guests a  spooky history of Charleston on our Monday and Tuesday night Charleston Ghost Tours.


“It amazes me every day ​​knowing that ​I am ​walking the same streets as heroes, villains, pirates, and visionaries. There is always something new to learn and another story to discover, and ​I love ​digging deeper and deeper to find them.”

John ​was born in raised in ​ Charleston and ​loves sharing ​her history​ and legends on our Charleston Ghost Tours and Murder Mystery Tours, with locals and visitors alike.​.​ John is an accomplished actor, director, licensed tour guide, and master storyteller.