3 Hour Private Tours

Charleston Past and Present 3 Hour Private Tour

Private 3 Hour Historic Walking Tour
$300 for up to 6 people
Add $30 for each additional person. Call for rates over 15 people


2 Historic Churches and Graveyards
2 House Museums
City Hall
South of Broad
Rainbow Row

Join us for a 3 hour private walking tour adventure through Charleston’s past and present.

Your guide will weave you through gas lit streets regaling you with the history and culture of Charleston. As you adventure down side streets and ally ways your guide will take you inside some of the most historic and beautiful Churches, Graveyards, Museums, Houses, and Gardens Charleston has to offer! We will introduce you to the history, botany, architecture, culture, wealth, and spirit of “The Holy City”.

Staring in the past from the founding of Charleston, how religious tolerance created a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Allowing for Charleston to be in the forefront of many “Firsts” for North American History. Explore the Revolutionary Era and remember some of our great Revolutionary Hero’s who walked the same cobble stone path you will walk down. Sit where President George Washington sat.

Onto the height of the wealth in North America, what made Charleston the fourth Wealthiest in the nation?

With that wealth experience the Architectural marvels through out the city.

Dive into the turbulent Civil War and the aftermath. Into the present and how a city laid in ruin was rebuilt by her people to become one of the most traveled cities in the Nation.