Charleston History Walking Tours and Ghost Tours

Walking History and Ghost Tours Charleston,SC

At Ashley on the Cooper walking tours we can not get enough of Low Country History. In both our History Walking Tours in Charleston , as well as our Charleston Ghost Tours. New information, new stories are always coming to light.  We aim for our Ghost Tours to have new eerie stories at every turn. That our History Walking Tours are not only uncovering the past but also showcasing how our current history is evolving.


One of our favorite spots to stop on our History Walking tour in  Charleston is the John Rutledge House. We could stand in front of the John Rutledge House on Broad Street for an hour talking about all the history that has occurred there. But there is one story that I really enjoy telling about when Robert Rhett, the mayor of Charleston, lived in John’s house and She Crab Soup. It all surrounds Mayor Rhett inviting President Taft, who was here for the South Carolina and West Indies Expo of 1909, to dinner and asking his butler William Deas to please make something special for that occasion. William took his cream based soup, added the crab meat and the roe to make it pink and port wine to make it rich and voila “She Crab Soup” was created. It was served and was a big hit. So Rhett’s butler invented She Crab Soup. I know, isn’t that great? Who else! And to add to the story, when Margaret Mitchell was writing her novel, “Gone with the Wind”, it was the story of Rhett’s butler and his She Crab Soup that gave her lead male character, Rhett Butler, his name. A truly delicious story!!


As you are looking for fun things to do in Charleston, SC. Join us for a history tour, ghost tour, or entertainment tour and soak in all that is Charleston!

cobble stone paths Charleston, SC

cobble stone paths Charleston, SC

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