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img014_20141106204204452The question was posed to me by a fellow tour guide “What is the most interesting thing you know about Charleston?” First thing that came to mind is what a great question! So I pondered and ran through all the odd little facts that I have gathered over the decade or so I have studied Charleston History. I found that I really couldn’t tell him the best or my favorite. Its all in context. Most interesting fact for ghost tours or history tours of Charleston? Weirdest haunting in Charleston? Most horrific murder? Most important event for Charleston? But that wasn’t the question. What is the most interesting fact? My final answer would be Dr. John Lining and everything about this great man. He made the very first weather experiment equipment in North America. Treated his ill patients with fresh air and sunshine. But most interesting I find is his studies on deforestation and climate change back in the 1740’s! He recorded temperatures in the shade of Charleston at 95 to 98 degrees. And the absorption of heat in the ground up 108 at times. It makes me thankful to have air conditioning! Not mention allowed to wear flip flops and show off my ankles. Life is grand! In Charleston we where founded by such great educated men an women, that we were at the forefront of so many great discoveries its hard to pick the most interesting. I don’t want to leave anyone out!

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