Morbid Curiosities

In the past decade of conducting and researching ghosts and paranormal events  in Charleston, SC, has led me down a rabbit hole of death and bizarre history. I have a morbid curiosity of the yester years. Charleston has been plagued with epidemics, war, earthquakes, natural disasters, and just plain bad luck. No wonder we are considered to be one of the most haunted cities in North America. With over 100 churches, their dead buried around those towering steeples, we have over 100 graveyards as well. There are more unmarked graves in Charleston, than one would care to admit. We truly have no idea how many graves we are walking over. Maybe that is why we have so many restless souls roaming are streets? In this blog I will share some of the macabre history that has unfolded in the not so “Holy City”.  Some of the oddities that have shaped the Chilling Charleston Macabre Ghost tour into more than just ghost stories, into a reliving of history! f

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